City Lawn Care Guide

Living in the city should not deprive you some of the things that are best suited in a countryside set up. Your compound can still have the best lawn in the whole city, better than the turf of a local stadium. Though it may sound impossible, it is still achievable. You only need to be a bit careful and more aggressive when taking care of your city lawn. To help you with the whole process of lawn care tips, here is a complete guide on the city lawn care that you can use to give your lawn the best appearance that it deserves.

Appropriate watering

It is obvious that grass needs water. However, you need to figure out the right quantity of water that can make your city lawn look healthy and beautiful. You should also take note that the amount of water may depend on seasons. For instance, you may have to irrigate your city lawn more frequently during summer than in winter. During the dry season, let the lawn have at least 1 inch of water. Horticulture experts recommend that you should limit the amount of water during spring as this will help the city lawn to adapt well in preparation for the upcoming summer. If you are not sure about the watering needs, just do it continuously. And if you have a patio don’t loose hope! You can also do a small hydroponics lawn for your pets!

Be careful with the fertilizer

Just like in other crops, fertilizer plays a big role in improving the overall health and robustness of grass. It can give your city lawn the best features and you will be proud of having such a compound. One key role of fertilizer is it supplies the essential nutrients to the grass. It also plays a role in eliminating notorious weeds that are out to harm your lawn. However, be careful not to supply excess fertilizer as it can end up corroding or burning’ the grass. Read instructions on the package before using any fertilizer.

Mow the right height

Mowing your lawn is one of the simplest but most important practices that you can do on your lawn. It keeps in check the growth of grass and helps your lawn to have the most desired height. During the mowing process, adjust your mower so that it can cut grass at the heights of between 6 cm and 9 cm. These are the height heights that will encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil. However, the mowing height may depend on the type of grass that is in your city lawn.

Proper aeration

Taking care of aeration can help your law to be more beautiful and attractive. It can also speed up the growth of grass even during dry periods. The process involves getting rid of unwanted chunks of soil that are on the lawn. This gives space for water, air, and other vital nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil hence improving its fertility. One sign of a poorly aerated soil is if there are patches of water after rain. However, do not aerate the lawn during dry seasons as this may end up reducing water content that is stored deep in the soil.

With these tips, you can be sure of providing the best city lawn care that will ultimately lead to the growth of a healthy and beautiful lawn. There are lots of great resources around the internet when looking for specifics on lawn care, such as

Have a great lawn is within your grasp! Just don’t be hesitant to do the work.