Best city farm plants

With very little space in your home, how can you grow your own produce or even manage a farm? This is actually quite possible! You should not allow limited space to hinder your goal of starting your own farm.

People living in urban areas think that farming can only be done in rural areas and countryside places. However, with a little effort as well as appropriate know-how, you will be able to start a farm even in your own house! This is called urban farming. This is a farm practice that lets you cultivate your own produce even if you live in the city. You can start with potted herbs as well as small vegetable batches. Here is how you can start farming in your small space.

Take time in visiting urban farms around you.

Visiting urban farms around the city will allow you to check out what possible herbs, plants, or vegetables you will be able to grow best in the small space that you have. Doing so will help you in learning some tips that you can possibly apply in your own farm. Plants to think about are amaranthus, yarrow, coriander, musk mallow, cosmos, kale, brassicas, dill, lemon balm, and parsley, Evening primrose, bedstraw, knapweed vervain, burdock, nettle, Hawhound, squash, marigolds and ox-eye daisy to name a few. Introduce worms to your garden, worms provide worm castings which in turn beneficial bacteria and fungi to our soil that plants love.

Limited space? Perhaps you could grow peas, beans, legumes, cucumbers or even tomatoes in a ‘vertical’ style garden.

Gather what you need.

After visiting farms around the city, you can start gathering the tools and materials that you need to start farming in your small space. You can begin by purchasing small pots for herbs that you can grow even in your own kitchen. You can also get wall rails that will help you build your indoor garden around your window. Metal baskets would also be quite helpful if you plan to plant various herbs. Ceramic pots are also good options. There are also what they call “germination kits” that you can purchase for cheap amounts. Of course, do not forget the seeds.

Start attending urban farming workshops.

You will also do well in attending farming workshops so you can be sure that you are making the most out of your small space. Such workshops will help you in terms of where and how you should begin as well as impart with you tips directly from farming professionals. Some workshops also include farm tours to inspire you and give you idea on what you can do with your small farm space.

With a little smart planning, an option to participate in community urban farming will see young and old benefit from a life enhancing activity that yields a luscious harvest that is literally ‘off the wall.’

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional produce, or you’re simply looking to start eating locally-or in your own backyard-urban farming is an easy way to feed a family, without having to stare at increasing prices, or wonder what’s on the produce, that wouldn’t be in your urban farm.