How To Apply Backyard Farming For Self Food Sufficiency

Backyard farming involves growing crops and rearing animals in homesteads, as opposed to buying supplies from other farmers. It produces high yields no matter the size of the yard. Backyard farming offers numerous rewards such as having a year round supply of food, saving money, providing you with fresh and highly nutrient yields as well as adding beauty to your home. However, It is important to choose the type of crops and animals to grow for productive farming. The following are ideas to guide you start your backyard farm.

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening
You can use your fence or wall to grow fruit bearing plants instead of planting nonproductive climbers. Fruits plants such as grape vines grow well on fences and produce sweet fruits due to the exposure to direct sunlight. Raised planters provide a conducive growing area for strawberries, and you can easily grow other plants beneath them to increase the amount of food. Hanging planters work best for plants such as tomatoes. If you do not have a structured fence, there are vertical planters available in the market that you can use to plant. Vertical gardening helps to attract local pollinators as well as prevent pest outbreaks.

Container gardening

container gardening

Where only a small space for farming is available, container gardening is an excellent method of backyard farming. A wide variety of vegetables and herbs thrive well in containers both outdoors and indoors. It is important to water the plants regularly as containers dry out quickly. Also, provide adequate protection during the winter since the roots of the plants are not insulated and could weaken quickly.

Indoor plants

indoor garden plants
Backyard farming is not confined to growing plants just outdoors. You can also grow indoor plants such as herbs and edible flowers comfortably in your house. Planting indoors, for instance in raised containers help you save outdoor garden space for plants that require large growing areas such as watermelons.

Animal shelters

backyard animal shelter
You can build pens and chicken coop for raising livestock and chicken to increase the variety of your food production. However, care should be taken in choosing what animals to keep as some may develop into full-grown adults and became hard to fit in the backyard. Bee hives are also easy to build and maintain in the backyard. Bees are an important aspect of gardening since they are reliable pollinators.

Backyard farming doesn’t involve expensive tools and methods to produce high yields. Compile a list of the essential tools and supplies to avoid spending on things you do not require. As your backyard crops and animals grow, you will find it easier discovering what is useful and what can help you improve productivity.


Backyard farming can be used as a tool to increase food availability as well as providing healthy foods that are beneficial to both humans and nature. However small the yard is, you can make backyard farming exciting. From planting vegetables in a raised container to raising chicken can assure you an all year round supply of fresh and organic food with no major extra costs.